Make sure that...

Make sure that... you attend and find out about different car seat classes! They will be a life saver. You may think (like we did) that you know everything that there is to know about a car seat, chances are that if you take one of these classes you will walk away learning at least one thing. Many times the classes are free and they even give you a car seat to have. So whether you go for the instructions of the car seat or maybe just to touch up on the recent laws and safety regulations. You can never be to safe and besides who can't use a free car seat.

Make sure that... you preregister! In the beginning of your third trimester you should make sure that you are preregistered, as soon as you do make sure that you place the papers in your hospital bag, or even diaper bag that you are bringing with you. I am sure that there are going to be other things on your mind when you are about to leave besides preregistration papers.

Make sure that... you educate yourself the best you can on everything that there is to know about breastfeeding, I haven't experienced it yet and I understand that it isn't for everyone but definitely something to consider! Pros: Your uterus goes back to normal faster, saves money instead of having to buy formula, and great bonding time for you and your baby, your baby gets a great immune system, and antibodies that formula can not. Cons: May be painful and can be difficult if working.

Make sure that... If you have a headache you take nothing for it, except for Tylenol. Nothing with aspirin in it!