Suggested Items..

Tummy butter.

Avoid those stretch marks! When you start to get that baby bump many of times stretch marks come with it! I have absolutely love this stuff, I try to make sure that I put it on at least twice a day.

Prenatal Vitamins. 

This is something you have to make a apart of your daily routine. I found these chewable, they don't taste to bad. They are great and ideal for people that either can't swallow pills, or if your having a hard time keep stuff down due to morning sickness. They also have pill forms if you would prefer that instead. Either way though you need to take one or the other. It will help with your babys growth and your energy. It will also replace everything that your little one is borrowing from you. 

St.Ives Apricot Scrub

With this great apricot scrub from st.Ives you can say bye bye to that pregnancy acne. This has been another life saver. It is refreshing especially in the mornings when you first get up, it helps me to wake up and get my day going. 

Bath salt, stress relieving.

I have found that baths have saved me from losing my mind, many times. I find it relaxing and great time for me to think things over, also great for "me" time. While your pregnant if you haven't already noticed, your emotions are all over the place. Next time that you find yourself feeling stressed, worried or just in need of time to think things through you have many big decisions ahead of you.

*Be careful though, make sure that you don't get that water to hot! It may cause you to faint and it's not good for your little one.


This is the only pain relief that I have heard of that everyone agrees is totally safe. My doctor told me that if you do decide to take it, take as recommend and make sure that you only take it when truly needed. If possible try to not take anything.

Halls fruit breezers.

Sore throat? This is the only kind of cough drops my doctor and pharmaceutics told me to take. When pregnant you can only have these kind because of them being "Non menthol". In most cough drops there is menthol in them, that is what you have to stay away from!


Foam, Hair dye.

Alright, the 411 on dying your hair. If you want to change your hair color while pregnant, I have been told by other mom's and my doctors that you can if you follow just a few rules. Number one, make sure that first and foremost you are in a well ventilated area. You don't need to breathe in those fumes because don't forget whatever you breathe in, so is your little one. Number two, you shouldn't bleach your hair. The reason being, if you do the bleach can go through your roots and get in your system and get to your baby, also of course the chemicals in bleach are a lot stronger than regular hair dye. I found with the foam hair dye the smell wasn't strong, you only leave it in for five minutes, and it's super easy. The best time for you to bring on you to switch it up is in the second trimester!

Belly laughs.

I have read this book..twice! It is a book on the different adventures that you go through with being pregnant and what to expect. It is a funny book and I guarantee you'll laugh the whole way through and not want to put it down.


Say goodbye to heartburn, this will soon be your best friend! Go ahead and stock up.