Monday, October 3, 2011

Week Thirteen

What's going on with her?

Size: Peach, about three inches long!

Her head is now about half the size of her crown to rump length, at birth she will be one-quarter head three quarters body. Her intestines, which have been growing inside the umbilical cord, are now starting their trek to their permanent position of her abdomen. She is also starting to get her vocal cords!

As for mommy?

At my doctors appointment this week we got to hear the heart beat! It was 150! They said that's a normal heartbeat but it sounds really fast. The down side to this appointment though is all of the blood work, I am really bad with blood work so this may not be as bad for others as it was for me. They took nine tubes of blood, which is what they do at most doctors offices just to make sure that everything is okay with you. I am finding headaches to become more common. I am also experiencing alot of dizziness which is never fun!

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