Monday, October 31, 2011

Week Seventeen

What's going on with her?

Size? She is now five inches from head to bottom, Around the size of a turnip
Weight? She is weighing 5 Ounces

Her skeleton is changing from a soft cartilage to bone, She is now developing sweat glands and she can now move all of her joints!

As for mommy?

Lately I have been getting really light headed and dizzy, I did ask my doctor about this and he said that it could be two different things,

1. My eating habits, He said that I need to make sure that when I eat I don't just eat three main meals a day, I need to eat between meals and eat smaller meals, It could be my sugar level dropping if I wait to long to eat or

2. It could be the way that she is laying on my stomach, she could be hitting a nerve and that may also be what is causing me to be lightheaded.

So whatever it may be, I am going to definitely try to start eating snacks and smaller meals.

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