Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week Thirty Nine

What's going on with her?

Size? 20 inches
Weight? 7 pounds

She is just taking her time, and finishing up baking! Yay. Now the waiting game!

As for mommy?

This week when I went to the doctors they told me that I was 70% effaced and one cm dilated. My next appointment is right after my due date. They are talking about inducing me if I have not dilated more by the next appointment. I have heard many pros and cons about being induced. The prons might be that you will know when to expect your little one, you can make sure everything is done and ready for going to the hospital and coming home and your fully prepared. Now the cons. I have heard that the cons of being induced is that the contractions are a lot more painful because you are forcing your body to do something that it isn't ready for yet, also labor tends to last longer, and last but not least is that you may end up in a c section. Which I am totally afraid of. Nothing about a c section seems exciting to me. So to try to get things moving along and in my attempt to not be induced I have been doing everything that I have heard of and can think of. Below you can find a list of my attempts. If you have an suggestions, please let me know! In the meantime, try to prepare, read the rest of your books, freshin up your hubby on the way labors going to go and make sure he knows your birth plan and what your expecting! Good Luck!

Induce labor naturally:

Bouncing on a birth ball
Curb walking (One foot on the curb the other on the concrete and walk, then turn and go the other way!)
Pressure points

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