Monday, February 6, 2012

Week Thirty One

What's going on with her?

Size? 16 inches long, like carrying four navel oranges
Weight? 3.3 pounds

She is hitting her first growth spurt! She can now turn her head from side to side, and kick like never before you may feel like she is doing somersaults! But when she is keeping you up at night because of her kicks and punches just try to enjoy every minute of it!

As for mommy?

Back pain! Before I got pregnant when I would hear pregnant women complain about back pain I always thought for some reason that it was their lower back that hurt them, I guess because I would always see them hold their back. For me though, it's right between my shoulder blades! I have been told that it is because of my little basketball weighing me down and making me slouch. So if you start to feel pain like me try your best to keep your back straight when sitting or standing and you can also try a heating pad at night, just not to hot.

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