Monday, November 28, 2011

Week Twenty One

What's going on with her?

Size? Length of a carrot
Weight? 3/4 of a pound

This week was pretty exciting, our little girl has really been kicking it up a notch...literally! Before I would feel little nudge like movements from her, but now they are full on kicks! She is moving right along with her growing process.

As for mommy?

I am doing great, still enjoying my pregnancy. Right now though for others, twenty one weeks is when you normally get varicose veins and acne like crazy. Thankfully I haven't got to experience that, also this is when stretch marks start to appear! To avoid that though I have been using what people call "Tummy butter" I call it "A little blessing from God!" If you would like to also try this little miracle in a jar, you can find it at ninety percent of maternity stores, maybe even walmart or target! I use it every time I get out of the shower and love it so be sure to pick it up.

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