Monday, December 5, 2011

Week Twenty Two

What's going on with her?

Size? Spaghetti squash
Weight? 1 pound

Her little eyes are now formed, the color of the eyes still aren't there. She will get that soon, which whenever most babies are born they will have blue eyes and that will change, same goes for the hair color. When your little one is born they may have brown hair for instant, but it will come out and a permanent color will come through.

As for mommy?

I am still doing great, making sure that I try my best to keep up with my exercising. If you try to keep up with your exercises there are a ton of benefits.Your labor will go much smoother, your recovery after the baby will be a lot faster, and you'll find later on down the road that you will feel much better. You need to gain weight for the baby but on the same hand you should watch exactly how much you gain. If you gain to much weight you can get what they call gestational diabetes which some pregnant women can form and after they have the baby it will sometimes go away by itself, then some aren't so lucky. Make sure that you watch what you eat and even though your pregnant and may have cravings watch how much sugary food you intake.

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