Monday, December 19, 2011

Week Twenty Four

What's going on with her?

Size? Almost a foot long.
Weight? Gained four ounces since last week.

Your baby taste buds are still developing and his/her brain is still in the process of developing as well as the lungs. The skin is still translucent but no worries that will change soon!

As for mommy?

This week I got glucose test done. Although it was currently no fun it's just something that has to be done. You have to get it to make sure that you don't have gestational diabetes, a type of diabetes that you may develop while being pregnant. When you go to get tested they draw your blood when you first get there they then give you a certain sugary drink to drink and five minutes to drink it, you then wait a hour they draw your blood again and then one more time in another hour. When taking my test they said that I may eat before, now with some of my friends they said that they were told to not eat, so be sure that you ask your doctor. When you come back the next time they will tell you whether you passed or failed your test. If you passed Congratulations, if not you will then go back the next week or maybe even that visit and get it done again expect this time you have to drink more of that drink that they give you, and get your blood done a additional two more times. If you fail that test then you have the form of diabetes, they will give you a diet and certain instructions to follow until you have your little one. Unfortunately I am not good with getting by blood drawn, I  normally pass out so thankfully I passed the first time and didn't have to get it done the second time! To avoid getting this form of diabetes, stay away from the sugary foods!

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